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We bring in all of Cass famous SKUs such as the newest Cass Fresh 500ml bottle same cool design as in Korea, Cass 330 ml bottle and Cass 500 ml can.

Milestone In Our Journey

Aphi Marvel Beverage is excited to announce its strategic expansion into the non-alcoholic beverage market, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards catering to a wider range of consumer preferences. Best known for our premium alcoholic beverages, we’re extending our legacy of quality and innovation by welcoming non-alcoholic options to our collection, starting with an extraordinary launch.

We’re proud to introduce Cass Zero, a popular non-alcoholic beer previously enjoyed exclusively in Korea, to international markets for the first time. Aphi Marvel Beverage is the first company to bring this beloved brand outside of Korea, showcasing our commitment to pioneering unique drinking experiences worldwide.

Satisfying Experience

Cass Zero is crafted for consumers seeking the taste of a classic beer without the alcohol content, ensuring a satisfying experience for various occasions, whether it’s a relaxing evening, a social gathering, or any moment that calls for a refreshingly crisp beverage without the effects of alcohol.

This expansion allows us to welcome a new audience to the Aphi Marvel Beverage family—those who desire the social and culinary enjoyment of beer, with the added benefit of non-alcoholic consumption. It represents our broader vision to innovate within our product categories, embracing both traditional and contemporary preferences.

Adapting To The Customers

By including non-alcoholic options like Cass Zero in our portfolio, we’re not just expanding our product range; we’re adapting to the evolving demands of consumers across the globe. This move underscores our commitment to inclusivity and diversity in our offerings, ensuring that there’s a choice for everyone, regardless of their drinking preferences.

We believe that our venture into the non-alcoholic segment, starting with the introduction of Cass Zero, will spearhead further innovation and expansion in the future, reinforcing Aphi Marvel Beverage’s role as a frontrunner in the beverage industry. Cheers to new beginnings and broader horizons!