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About Us

We are Thailand’s new leading beverage company growing in the beverage field and expanding to ecommerce and other business sectors. With our expertise in food and beverage for over 30 years, we are professional and reliable in distribution channels, marketing, as well as business development strategies particularly in Asia and the Pacific as well as Europe.


The motif behind corporate logo of APHI MARVEL BEVERAGE –
Water, an indispensable resource that underpins all that we do at Aphi Marvel Beverage. The shape of the logo is an image of water constantly moving freely, unhindered and continuously develops and grows. The font color used is fresh “water blue,” a color that strongly resembles fresh water. It symbolizes our thought of always being fresh, free and flexible like water, that gently flows and circulates the Earth. Moreover, if carefully see there would also be fire hidden inside the water, which resembles our passion and ambition in growing our business continuously and exponentially.

Why Us

Great Expertise In The Business

With our great expertise in the food and beverage business, our strategic partners and board of Directors have long term experience and partnership with world’s leading business partners such as Nestle, Krispy Kreme, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Nescafe.

Strong Distribution Channels

Our strong distribution channels are efficient in both online and offline, with long term clients in modern trade channels are namely Thailand’s top supermarkets such as Tops supermarket, Central food hall, Gourmet Market, Villa supermarket as well as hypermarket channels such as Tesco Lotus and Makro. As for convenient stores we are present in Family Mart, CJ Mart and soon will be 7 Eleven.

Our Product

We offer global leading brands such as Cass beer, which Korea’s number one beer being imported to Thailand from Korea.

Latest Events

Cass Night event in Bangkok, Thailand

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