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Our experience with our alliance combined would be over 45 years in the food and beverage as well as distribution of alcoholic beverages. We also have great outstanding relationship with food and beverage sub agents throughout Thailand which can combine forces with us to effectively distribute our products throughout the country.

Moreover, and with our great friendly relationship over the years of friendship and partnership with restaurant owners, department store owners as well as club owners, it is a guarantee that all the products that our company distributes would receive full support.

Why Choose Us

Strong Distribution Channels

Our distribution channels strength covers the whole country of Thailand which consist of both on premise and off premise channels and the leading sales channels in Thailand. Our distribution network is dedicated to the efficiency and flexibility as well as coverage of the right target segment of customers.

Highly Experienced Team

With our team and directors experience in the food and beverage distribution for more than 45 years, we are highly confident that we can achieve in bringing our products and our partners products to the right distribution channels with satisfying results.

Effective Logistics Model

With our flexible logistics model and effective management of stocks, we are able to effectively satisfy high demand, fill up the high demand inventory requests, making sure in-stock positions, and deliver a satisfying experience for all of our customers.

We're Committed

To satisfying the demand of our customers through an effective customer-centric supply chain. APHI MARVEL BEVERAGE always can provide inbound logistics to provide the most accurate, real-time customer data and deliver efficiently to their door step.