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We welcome suppliers who are looking for long term business cooperation and believe that they have the hero products which are attractive to the market, yet satisfying to the demand of customers.

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Our Key Winning Sales

Large Market Coverage

We have a large market coverage throughout the country in both on premise and off premise channels. 

Right Target Data

We have our outstanding marketing research team ready to initiate in market trends, insights and market feasibility to make sure your products could reach the maximum potential and make effective sales to the right target and market segments.

Professional Sales force

We focus on professionalism from sales Managers who have over 30 years experience in food and beverage industry; beer and wine specialist who have worked for top beverage manufacturers are now working together with us to expand the market exponentially.

Incorporate New Trends

We are also open in new generation since our world is moving at a face pace and technology comes into play as an influential factor, we are also cooperating with digital gurus and specialists who can upscale and uniquely market our products directly and digitally to the right target customers.

Diverse Portfolio

We are also diverse in our portfolio and can distribute products which are interconnected to our ready distribution channels that we have in our hands, an easy plug in yet effective and fast moving.

Branding and Marketing Experts

With our experience in marketing and brand building, we are able to make any brands become popular uniquely and be attractive to our local market with the data of market trends; our creative digital team as well as our efficient sales force combined together, every product which comes to us would be appealing to the right target group of customers while establishing a firm, reputable presence in the local market.

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